Structured Finance

Ireland currently ranks among the world’s leading jurisdictions in the establishment of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s), a legal entity most commonly used for a range of tax, accounting and risk-mitigation purposes, particularly in the world of asset financing and securitisation.

Mulvaney is a boutique provider of a full complement of Corporate and Accounting services to those companies who seek to establish and maintain an SPV in Ireland and/or the United Kingdom. Our strategic location in the city of Newry, equidistant between the island’s capital cities Dublin and Belfast, permits seamless access to both key locations and the ability to cover the jurisdictions of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our valued global partnerships with other capital market firms ensure that Mulvaney has full access to a network of leading service providers in key jurisdictions boasting similarly favourable legal and taxation environments.

When acting in a fiduciary capacity, the importance of clear communication and strong personal relationships cannot be underestimated. Our aim is ultimately to become a valuable extension of our client, providing a personal, yet professional service.