Corporate Video

Sit back, relax, and enjoy two minutes of getting to know our business and our team!


As a boutique corporate services provider, we know the importance of working closely with our clients, our personal approach and dedication to each client is at the very heart of what we do and makes us feel like an extension of your business as your trusted advisor.

We love to meet our clients face to face to ensure that we truly understand and can identify their most important needs. Building that direct personal relationship is also important to ensure our clients get to know each member of our team. This direct personal contact is an important foundation to building trust which is integral when seeking to build a long-term successful partnership.

With the major global shift to remote working since the beginning of 2020 it has been difficult for us to have that same special connection with new clients. This page will help to bring our company and our people to life for you, which is more important now than ever.

This, the first of our videos, will serve as a short introduction to our Firm and our ethos; we will be posting further videos to give you greater insight into our capabilities and what sets us apart very soon.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of highly-qualified individuals with the combined skills and knowledge to service our clients’ needs across a broad range of sectors. Our video highlights some of the key sectors in which our clients operate in, however we can adapt these skills to meet the demands of our clients in different sectors. Our flexible approach means that we can do as much, or as little for you as you need; it also means that where traditional firms can only provide a limited range of services, we can go beyond this to ensure you get the top-class service you deserve and we feel that this makes our offering quite unique.

Location is key, and that’s why our strategically positioned headquarters in Northern Ireland means we are well positioned to assist businesses throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as across Europe and further afield for both domestic and foreign investors.